SportsEngine Registration: Rogers Area Youth Basketball

4k Shooting Challenge



Welcome to the 2018 RAYBA 4k Shooting Challenge (free participation) completion registration. This challenge is open to all boys and girls entering 4th through 8th grades in September of 2018.

**Only complete this registration if you have fully completed the challenge**

All participants who complete the made shots requirement and upload the completed chart to this registration before the deadline of 9/1/18 will receive a t-shirt to commemorate their effort and will also be entered into a drawing for some fun basketball related items.

The Challenge

Each participant is required to make 4,000 shots during the summer of 2018. The rationale behind this is to encourage kids to take good shots with proper form which will translate to better shot selection and shooting form throughout future seasons.

This registration should only be completed when you have completed the challenge.  All completed shot charts must be uploaded with this registration by September 1, 2018.

The shot chart can be found below & on the Website.


Stacy Glass